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The Technique That Put an End to Years of Therapy

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I’m sure you know the feeling. With all these New Age self-help techniques being released in the masses, it’s no surprise that audiences are getting turned off from the abundance of options available to them.

Questions I often hear from people who are eager to grow emotionally and develop spiritually are, “Who do I trust? How do I know this is a reliable source? How do I know this will actually work? Is it worth the time and money invested?”


I can relate. I was once there too; eager and anxious to take my life, my work, my relationship and my spirit to the next level. But I didn’t know where to go or which direction was right for me. So instead of chasing my own tail, I decided to look within my own heart and set an intention.


It was Autumn of 2011, I was lighting a Friday night candle by my window, and I set the following intention: “Universe, please guide me in the right direction. Allow your grace to open my eyes and heart to Truth so that when I see it, I’ll know it’s exactly what I need. And while you’re at it, please remove all the b*llsh*t that’s been distracting me along the way.” I surrendered and let the universe work its magic.


Within 24 hours of setting my intention the Universe responded, as it so graciously does when your intention is sincere. I had met a man who introduced me to an enlightened master named Paramahamsa Nithyananda. One thing led to another and within three months I was on a plane heading to India for my first time to meet this being whose teachings I just couldn’t get out of my head.


It was during a program called Inner Awakening that I was introduced to the one technique that would soon put an end to years of therapy and become the basis of my coaching practice. He calls it The Completion Technique.


So without further adiu, let’s get to work and make some magic happen!


What is the completion process?

I better understood completion by understanding what an incompletion is. An incompletion is an incident that happened in your past, is still sitting inside you emotionally in your present day, and therefore is affecting your future.




In other words, any major (or even not so major) event that triggered an undesirable emotional response in you, is inevitably stored inside you as a pain memory and therefore hindering your chances of living completely happy, joyful, abundant and free. Let’s put it this way, if you were wronged in the past, chances are you’ve built a wall up against people to protect yourself from ever being wronged again. This wall, although protective, will also block your chances of being fulfilled. To the extent you protect yourself from feeling pain, you will block yourself from experiencing happiness. This is where completion comes in to do the necessary healing work.


Let me give you an example…


Once upon a time, Ayelet (me), was eight years old and she had a crush on Tommy. Tommy was very kind to Ayelet, so innocent as she was, she believed he liked her back. One day Ayelet was practicing for her dance recital during recess while all the boys were nearby playing basketball. Tommy locked eyes with Ayelet and made his way over to her. Her heart started racing, she was convinced he was coming to let her know how madly in love with her he’d been all this time. Ayelet pretended not to notice him approaching and tried extra hard to impress Tommy with her smooth dance moves. Tommy tapped Ayelet on the shoulder, looked into her big brown eyes and said “I know you think I like you, but I don’t.”


Bummer. Ayelet cried all the ways to the little girls room.


From that day on what Ayelet didn’t realize was that a seed of insecurity had been planted inside her mind. This seed began to grow into the following garden of ideas: I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not desirable. Boys don’t like me. Boys stink.


The Ultimate Technique That Put an End to Years of Therapy

Ultimately, there is a voice deep inside you that knows you are resilient and can overcome anything. The more conditioned we become by our society and our family’s expectations of us, the quieter that resilient voice gets and the harder it is to hear it in times of darkness. The Completion Technique serves to remind us that we came into this world as tiny beings full of hope, potential, and possibility. The word “impossible” says “I’m possible.” It’s a choice whether we want to live in the state of possibility or impossible. A child who wants to be a movie star or an astronaut does not live with an iota of doubt of its possibility. That is, until the day his teacher tells him that his dreams are too big and he should consider a Plan B. That he should take into consideration his competition and plan on graduating from high school to go to a good college, to get a diploma that will allow him to work for a company he hates, to buy things he doesn’t need, to impress people he doesn’t like. It’s an endless cycle. A cycle that completion puts an end to. Through a process of reliving childhood memories we become able to free ourselves from the baggage of the past, and stand optimistically in the light of what the future has to offer. Happiness, joy, abundance… freedom.

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