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How Your Thinking Determines Your Wealth

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Ever wonder what that one thing is that makes wealthy people so wealthy? We see it all the time, super wealthy people who are no smarter than a middle-class or poor man. So what do wealthy people have that others do not?


This weekend I attended a wealth consciousness workshop held by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The idea wasn’t some “get rich quick” scheme, but rather focused more on changing ones mental setup or cognition so that any doubts you possess about obtaining wealth disappears.


What does it mean to change your mental setup and cognition? Well, here are some of the things I took away from the workshop, revamped in some of my own words based on my understanding, which will provide you with clarity and answers as to why you aren’t attracting the wealth you desire.



What is the definition of wealth?

What I learned was that the definition of wealth is “the way you decide to celebrate yourself.” Let’s be clear, if you don’t celebrate YOU, how do you expect others to celebrate you? That’s the definition of a celebrity. A person who authentically celebrates themselves, their existence, and the special thing that makes them unique.

Many people struggle and suffer from misfortune. These people are doing the opposite of celebrating themselves. This form of suffering exists in you because you have, perhaps unconsciously, chosen to enjoy misfortune or suffering in some way. For example, one of my clients that I coach is always on “auto-pilot worry mode.” They are constantly worrying. Whether it’s regarding their finances, children, or health, if they aren’t in a state of worry, they’re look for something to worry about. When I put this client through a specific meditation to overcome worry, they do feel a moment of calm and relief, but just moments later they’ll again enter into “auto-pilot worry mode.” They will get anxious and begin to check their cell phone, wondering why their kids aren’t responding to their messages.

Be very clear, this person is receiving enjoyment from worrying, otherwise they would be putting an end to this struggle.

This simple truth opens up a can of worms because you’re probably asking yourself “why do I enjoy the suffering in my life?”

The answer is, a person who enjoys suffering has built the wrong cognition about himself or herself.


Which brings me to my next point…


Why aren’t I experiencing wealth?

A person who has the wrong cognition about him or herself will never be able to handle wealth because they simply don’t believe that they are deserving of it or able to handle too much of it. We see it all the time in people who win the lottery. They get lucky, win a ton of money in one shot, then lose it more quickly than you can say “I’m rich!” This happens because they haven’t built a cognition, or a firm belief about themselves, that says “I am worthy of being rich.” In theory, many of us say we would like to be very wealthy. But what would you actually do if someone offered you $10,000,000 right now?

Most people who want to be wealthy, but simply can’t create an abundance of wealth no matter how hard they try, are usually in that situation because they don’t genuinely have the cognition that they are capable.


If you’ve ever thought to yourself any of the following thoughts, be aware that you have adopted a detrimental cognition that will inevitably prevent wealth from entering your life:

  • Money makes people evil.
  • Money changes people.
  • I don’t need a lot of money because it will only make my responsibilities grow.
  • The more money I have the less time I’ll be able to spend with those I love.


The moment you have the thought “money makes a person bad”, along with any of the above thoughts listed, you have just made the unconscious decision not to become rich.


Let’s put it into perspective…


Take a poor man who works 15 hours each day knitting hats, making below minimum wage, versus a rich man who works 15 hours each day selling homes, making millions. What’s the difference between the two men? They both work equally as hard. Let’s even go as far as assuming they both have equal qualifications, a good education and similar circumstances. The only thing that differentiates between them is the ideas (cognition) they have about themselves.


The millionaire truly believes that he deserves to be a millionaire. Chances are he believes in himself and has very little self-doubt. The poor man has accepted his circumstance and is full of negative self-perception, hence preventing him from growing to the level he desires.


The solution!

Pay attention to the inner chatter that happens in your mind when it comes to how you think about YOU! I take my clients through a very profound process that shows them how to literally eliminate all self-doubt, such as not being good enough, smart enough, educated enough, capable enough, old enough, networked enough… the list of self deprecating beliefs is endless.

For now the one thing I want you to be aware of is the cognition you have about yourself. Pay attention to whether your mind is acting as your cheerleader, or whether it’s become your worse enemy. If your mind has become your worst enemy it’s time to show your mind who the master is and begin by switching to a more positive cognition.


Not everyone wants to be wealthy. If you are not super wealthy but you are totally happy with the life you live, and your mind does not sneak up on you and begin to think “what if I had more,” then stay just as you are! But if you know you deserve more and have felt like life ripped you off, it’s time to get what you deserve!

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