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The Difference Between the Girl Every Guy Wants & Me

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine. Seven years ago I was that girl. You know, the one who went out with her friends and didn’t get as much attention as they did. I was the girl who had to try extra hard to get attention when guys approached my clique. If you’ve ever experienced this you know how much it freaking sucks!

Imagine what it felt like for me to crush on a guy, only to find out he liked my best friend more. Pretty crappy!


Until one day that completely changed.


I began my journey towards figuring out why I wasn’t getting the attention I wanted. Only this journey didn’t require that I get on a plane and travel to the Himalayas, renounce my material belongings and meditate for 24 hours a day. Nope, this journey was an inside job.


What I mean is, I began looking inside myself for answers – inside my own head to figure out what I was doing wrong.


I began to realize patterns in the way I was thinking. I was thinking a lot of negative junk about myself. That’s when I realized that perhaps the problem isn’t a physical one, but a mental one instead.


Over the past seven years I’ve done a lot of work, and can happily say that I now receive a lot more attention from guys… and not just the wrong type of guy (like the “hey mami, let me show you what I can do to you” type of sleaze bag), but the respectable, kind and intelligent type.


Here’s the one most important thing I ended up finding out… the one thing that changed everything.


The way we think about ourselves will 100% be the same thing others think about us!

To some of us this may sound pretty obvious. But even to those of us who know this to be true, we seldom put it into practice.


In the past, I realized that I was the type of girl who focused on a pimple (even though I learnt later that I was the only one who noticed it was there). But the insecurities I felt around my pimple inevitably rubbed off on every person I met.

I came to realize that self-confidence and self-worth is more contagious than chicken pox! The more I became able to focus my attention on the qualities that made me special, unique and beautiful, the more others began to focus on the positive energy I gave off.


When I would focus on the extra pudge around my waist and the bad hair day I was having, it pretty much guaranteed that my insecurities rubbed off on the guys around me.

Energy attracts energy and if we’re putting good energy out into the world, that’s what we’re going to get in return. If we put negative energy out into the world, not only is that what we’ll attract, but nobody is going to want to really be around us because people are attracted to things that make them feel good, not bad.


Ladies, there’s a solution… and it works!

Here is a technique I began to do when I was alone, and then later offered to some of my clients, and the results have been phenomenal!


Before bed, I would close my eyes and begin to pay attention to the parts of me that aren’t very lovable. Each time a thought came to mind, I would pen it down, then close my eyes again and repeat the process.

Many times, what I noticed was a thought pattern, or thought trend.

Either my thoughts were predominantly negative, or predominantly positive.

I figured out my thought trend!


I became aware that many of my thoughts sounded like, “I’m not pretty enough, I’m not talented enough, I’m not as good as…”

Once I noticed my negative thought trend, I began by replacing every negative thought with a positive one.

For example, if my thought trend sounded like, “I hate my nose”, I replaced it with “my nose is perfect just the way it is.”

Even if I didn’t believe this to be true deep down, the idea was for me to train my unconscious mind to create a new thought trend. Little by little I began to notice my energy transition from a negative to a positive one.

I started by doing this practice every night for 11 days straight.


It really was that simple!


One of my clients called me the other day ecstatic at what our sessions together were doing for her! Her exact words were, “Ayelet, I don’t know how to explain exactly what happened but I’ve been receiving compliments multiple times a day from random guys! Even my crush sent me a Facebook message complimenting me!” –Rosa, Brooklyn, NY


As women, it really pains me when I come across other women who have a negative thought trend. Once I started working on myself, I began naturally seeing all women (even the ones who society would categorize as being more “beautiful”) as incredibly sacred and beautiful. Not as competition, but as my equal. In the past, when I would put down other women, I was really putting down the parts of me that I didn’t like about myself. I now truly believe that all women are Goddesses and deserve to love and support one another, instead of comparing and criticizing each other. Luckily, the more I learned to love myself, the more I learned to love other women.


Figuring out my thought trend and transforming it has been a beautiful journey, and a never-ending process. But I must say, the attention that now comes at me is one every woman deserves to receive!


I would love to hear from you to learn what your personal thought trends are, and if you decide to take on this 11-day practice, fill me in on the results! Comment on this article under www.Facebook.com/Ayelet.Shimron.

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