Transform Your Life

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Transform Your Life

By: Ayelet Shimron

Each one of you on this planet has a voice that belongs solely to YOU. Similar to having a uniquely different finger print, no other person shares this form of individuality.

When you ask yourself the question everyone seeks to know the answer to: “WHO AM I” it’s important to first understand that we are all pieces of a bigger picture, a whole, a universe. The goal to transform your life is to see that while you are uniquely individual, we are still all one. We are divided by our  uniqueness. There is uniqueness in everything we do. But we would not be able to survive without the next person. The decisions you make, your opportunities, your personal strengths, your weaknesses, are all aspects that make you unique.

So How do YOU Transform Your Life?

In order to transform your life it is important not to speak negatively about others. A concept similar to this one that we are all familiar with is, “love your neighbor yourself.” This seems cliche, but since we are all a part of a bigger picture and ultimately a part of the universe, a lot of the situations that we attract in our own lives (both positive and negative) are a direct response to what we say about others and a measurement of how genuinely you love your neighbor as yourself.


Change Your Life

The words we speak should be impeccable because every word comes from our mouth, which is the part of the body that represents our connection to the universe. It is from our mouth that we eat, speak and kiss which holds a deep sense of connection to existence. Every words we utter creates a direct, yet invisible, phone line to a greater power. You want to know what is karma? Well, this is the precise meaning of karma. Whether you believe it or not, put yourself to the test. Begin to speak only highly of everyone around you – even those you may not like so much – and watch how situations in your life begin to take on a more positive vibe. When we say harsh things about others (whether deserving or not) we do harm to ourselves by using a part of ourselves to put those ideas or words out into the universe. We simply just take away from our capacity to achieve and true worth when we talk that ish.


The ability to be conscious about every word that comes out of you is a truly liberating experience because YOU are the one in control. A woman should live her life telling herself “I am the daughter of a king,” and a man should live his life telling himself, “I am the son of a queen.” When you perceive yourself as a true royalty – not just by societal standards, but rather adding a true sense of purpose, there is no reason to speak bad about others because you know it serves you no good. It will become a waste of time and energy. Put the pieces of your puzzle together and seek to enhance others around you not put them down. This is the real way to transform your life! 

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