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How to Fall in Love With CHANGE

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Fall in Love With CHANGE 

By Ayelet Shimron


In the infinity of life where I am,

all is perfect, whole, and complete.

I see any resistance patterns within me

only as something else to release.

They have no power over me. I am the power in my world.

I flow with the changes taking place in my life as best I can.

I approve of myself and the way I am changing.

I am doing the best I can. Each day gets easier.

I rejoice that I am in the rhythm and flow

of my ever-changing life.

Today is a wonderful day.

I choose to make it so.

All is well in my world.

-Louise L. Hay


The above excerpt has been taken from one of my all time favorite books, “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay. The reason this excerpt speaks to me in such a profound way is because I personally have gone through various reincarnations in this one life I’ve been blessed with. I went from brand name junkie, to “wangster” wannabe, to new age hippie, to corporate world manager, to a spiritual free spirit, to ME… the grounded, hard working, change embracing person I am today.


So many people, when confronted by the word “change”, get uncomfortable. Any type of change, when it interrupts our daily routines and rituals, throws our entire balance off course and can really shake us up. The question is, how do we respond to change when it so unexpectedly enters our lives through the backdoor. We didn’t invite it in, nor is change a guest we welcome with open arms.


Change is something I myself had feared for many years. Only within the last five years of my life have I been able to grab change by the horns and become the navigation system that directs the change to reach whichever destination I desire.


When I think back to the magical moment that changed my life for good, the moment that I decided to embrace change and that change would become my ally and not my rival, was during a meditation class I was guiding. The thought that took over my entire being was…




The most obvious proof of change being permanent, and the one we often fear the most, is seen in the cycle of life and death. There is no preventing death, therefore its occurrence is permanent.

Some other forms of change that we fear can be seen in the loss of a job or the loss of a relationship/marriage.

But while so many of us, many times myself included, focus on the loss that change reaps; we lose sight of what we’re gaining. This is one of life’s most fascinating paradoxes. That without the loss of something, the gain would cease to exist. Pain and pleasure, while the illusion makes them seem like they’re mutually exclusive, actually coexist. For example, if you’ve ever loved someone with all your heart and then had to experience the pain of losing them, the pain of loss would not exist if you never cared for or loved them in the first place.


Another way to perceive the paradox of loss and gain is to understand that when we experience loss, by the experience’s very nature we enter into a gainful situation. For example, two years ago I ended a relationship with the man I was sure would end up becoming my future husband. While at first the pain of the breakup clouded my judgment and prevented me from grasping the lesson I was meant to learn, when I finally decided to let go of the mental and emotional attachment to him, what I gained as a result was exactly what I needed for my soul at that time.


I gained the strength to realize I did not need a man to be happy and complete. Although relationships are beautiful when they serve you spiritually and make you a better person, if you cant’ love yourself when you’re alone, how could you possibly bring yourself to love another? I also gained a deeper sense of clarity by realizing what my values are and what I wanted for myself and for my future. I realized that our values were conflicting and that I was with him for the love and security I felt when we were together. That didn’t necessarily mean he was the right man for me. While I lost an incredible man, I gained a world of clarity as well as the opportunity to open my heart to the right one.


By learning how to embrace change and make it my ally I gained a whole new perspective on life, and I also learned that what you resist, persists. In other words, the more I resisted the inevitable change, the more I would encounter frequently occurring situations that I feared most. When I changed my outlook, similar to the glass being half empty versus half full, I no longer resisted change. I became a lover of change. Today, I can confidently say I embrace change.