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3 Thoughts That Will Empower You Instantly

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This week I hosted a private empowerment workshop for a group of beautiful women at my home. It was intimate and allowed for a trusting environment that called for vulnerabilities and unfiltered self expression. Something truly magical happens when a group of fierce women come together to create change.

We began to discuss as a group what some of our personal obstacles are, as mothers, wives, friends, and overall as women.

One major theme that kept popping its head up like an ugly zit was “control.”

One woman mentioned that she feels out of control when her kids are all whining at the same time.

A second woman mentioned that she feels out of control when her husband flirts with other women.

A third woman mentioned that she feels out of control when she gets home from work and there are still dishes to be done and food to be cooked.

Naturally I had to step in and remind these women of who they really are; powerful, ferocious, in-control Goddesses who do not let their circumstances define them.

Easier said than done, but I believe that the following three powerful thoughts can help any woman gain her life back and find that peaceful balance she is deeply longing for.

1st Powerful Thought: “I am in control.”

As women, we need to remember that we possess a very powerful weapon that has the power to turn the world upside down; it’s called “feminine energy”, otherwise known as hormones. When this feminine energy gets bent out of whack we all have the tendency to feel like our emotions and reactions to life events are in control.

We often feel that when our external environment shifts, that’s when we will become more loving, peaceful, calm, or in control.

I believe that’s the first mistake we make as women. Waiting for our circumstances to get better, or our spouses to help out more around the house, or our kids to get older and become more mature, that waiting in itself is the biggest lie we tell ourselves. Because our feminine power is THAT STRONG, it’s critical we remind ourselves that we are the ones in control in every situation. Ironically enough, you may find that when you gain your control back, your circumstances will shift all on their own!

2nd Powerful Thought: Anything Is Possible

Audrey Hepburn said it best, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m Possible’!” As a woman reading this, I assume you’ve gone through one, or more, of the following: periods, childbirth, or menopause. Enough said. Going through one (or all) of the three makes you pre-qualified to literally accomplish ANYTHING. There are two thought bubbles you can enter into at any given moment, the first is being in a state of possibility, the other is being in a state of impossibility. When we linger in our own self-doubt, and entertain powerless thoughts or moments where we lose control, we are unconsciously making the choice to enter into a state of impossibility. The next time things seem to get chaotic and when overcoming the next hump seems impossible, remind yourself to make a subtle shift in perspective by entering into a state of “anything is possible” at that given moment. As a woman you’ve already come so far!


3rd Powerful Thought: My Energy is Contagious

One of my favorite sayings is “where the mind goes energy flows.” You may have heard it before and thought to yourself, “sounds nice and fluffy but what the heck does it mean?” Well let’s take this comparison for example; imagine being in a tiny room with a large fireplace in the center and trying super hard not to get hot. It’s simply not possible. Being next to heat will inevitably warm you up. That’s how energy works, it’s super contagious! Whatever experience you want to have in life must begin with you as the source of that experience. Meaning, if you want to surround yourself with loving, happy, joyful people, you’ve got to recognize that you are the source and become that loving and joyful person first! Happy people like happy people, and the more happy people unite, the more contagious the happy experience will be!


There you have it! Three powerful thoughts that you can put in your pocket and take out when you need a powerful boost to shift you back into your natural feminine power. Enjoy!

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